Fibroids Natural Treatment Options

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Fibroids Natural Treatment and Remedies

Fibroids Natural Treatment and Remedies

Women all over the world twitch only when hearing the word “fibroids”. This is because they know how painful this condition can be and how badly it can affect fertility. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors of the uterus that in many cases do not even present symptoms. However, when they do develop symptoms, fibroids cause extreme menstrual cramping, length and bleeding, accompanied by lower back pain, abdominal pressure, painful intercourse and a frequent need to urinate.

While the exact cause of this condition remains to be discovered, studies have shown that increased exposure to estrogen and xenoestrogens such as plastics, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic hormones can increase the risk of a woman developing fibroids. Other risk factors include poor estrogen metabolism, hypertension, complications from IUD use, anovulatory cycles and perineal talc use.

Regardless of the case, the treatment required by fibroids is never pleasant. More often than not, patients need to undergo surgical interventions such as myomectomy, hysterectomy, or uterine fibroid embolization. Over-the-counter pain killers are also an option. However, no drug can make the tumors disappear. However, there are certain natural treatments and remedies said to significantly shrink the fibroids’ size.

Since hormonal imbalances are mainly to blame for the development of fibroids, it is recommended to try restoring that balance by doing phototherapy in combination with supportive dietary changes and lifestyle improvements. Reducing the aforementioned xenoestrogens is also advisable – these include the pesticides in fruits and vegetables, as well as the growth hormones found in dairy products and meat.

It has been said that a strict organic microbiotic diet may also help. However, this diet is too rich in carbohydrates, which can lead to additional hormonal imbalances. The diet of a woman suffering from fibroids should cut back on carbs and increase protein. Non-genetically modified soy is a product that can be very helpful, since it helps block estrogen’s stimulation of the uterine tissue. Not to mention that soy is also an excellent protein source that does not also contain the harmful growth hormones commonly found in meat products.

Maintaining an ideal body weight is recommended for fibroids patients. Estrogen is produced in large quantities in body fat, so being fit will prevent that from happening. However, women who want to lose weight should be very careful with their diet, because low-fat diets can actually have the opposite effect and increase the estrogen quantity released in the body even more.

Some believe that facing and dealing with emotional problems can actually relieve the symptoms caused by fibroids. Many women who made efforts to deal with relationship issues and stress have actually reported significant improvements regarding their medical condition, as well. They have managed to do that by meditating and making their voices heard.

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